Another ‘NCIS: Hawaii’ Crossover is on The Way


In a big development in January 2023, three of the NCIS franchise’s series collaborated on a major narrative, creating anticipation for further crossover events in the future.

While NCIS: Los Angeles has concluded, NCIS: Hawaii continues to draw viewers, with occasional crossovers between the flagship show and the most recent spin-off.

Another crossover is now on the horizon, with special interest focused on Torres’ current plot. Could Jane Tennant, the star of NCIS: Hawaii, learn more about Torres’ intriguing past?

The intriguing prospect of the NCIS teams collaborating emerges, with Jane and her colleagues offering assistance in resolving Torres’ conundrum.

Alternatively, the story may take an exciting turn, with Agent Knight from the core NCIS series traveling to Hawaii.

This may be a mission to resolve Ernie’s unresolved love interest, creating a compelling relationship between the characters and adding complexity to the larger interrelated NCIS universe.

The possibility for rich storytelling and character development across many episodes has fans excited to watch how this crossover plays out in the shifting NCIS landscape.

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