Alex Tennant’s Exit From NCIS Hawaii Has Been ‘Sealed’, as Jane Makes A Life-Changing Discovery

Jane Tennant of NCIS HAWAII may have to say goodbye to her son Alex soon after a sneak peek at the next episode shows her making a sh0cking discovery.

Following the show’s CBS debut last year, teen Alex Tennant (played by Kian Talan) has quickly become one of NCIS Hawaii’s many well-loved characters. The pair’s bond and overcoming of family struggles throughout has led to them endearing themselves to viewers, thanks to his mother-son relationship with leading star Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey). However, with Episode 16 approaching, the Tennant family unit will be put to the ultimate test.

Alex is about to be given the opportunity to leave Hawaii and embark on the illustrious career of a baseball player.

Jane approaches her son as he works on his homework in a sneak peek from the episode that shows how events will unfold.

“It’s a little late to be finishing homework, isn’t it?” Jane makes a comment.

Alex responds, removing his headphones and pounding the keyboard, “It’s not due until tomorrow, I’ve got a game today so I’m trying to get ahead.”

Jane is impressed as Alex begins ruffling through papers.

“Impressive,” she jokes, to which her son responds sarcastically, “Try not to sound so surprised.”

Jane exudes pride as she says, “I haven’t seen you this motivated in a long time.”

However, Alex’s work and their conversation are interrupted when the teenager’s phone rings, alerting him to the time.

“Are you going to the game?” Alex inquires as he leaps to his feet before bolting out the door, prompting Jane to respond, “That’s the plan.”

Alex heads for the door, but not before teasing his mother about putting the umpire on the spot.

“If he does his job correctly,” Jane responds, “he’ll have nothing to fear from me.”

Jane begins to tidy Alex’s desk now that he is no longer at his desk, only to be distracted by a letter from Amherst College’s Athletic Department.

The letter congratulates Alex on receiving a scholarship from the school, which is located on the mainland of Massachusetts.

As Jane tries to sneakily replace the letter, Alex bursts back into the room looking for his charger.

Instead of questioning Alex about the letter, she acts as if nothing has happened before smiling as he walks away.

But it’s clear that it’s on Jane’s mind because she knows she’ll have to face the prospect of living without her son.

With such a huge opportunity in front of him, Alex is unlikely to pass up the chance to pursue his dream.

Could this mean Alex will have to leave the show because the action is still taking place in Hawaii while he is studying on the mainland?

All indications point to a heartbreaking departure for one of NCIS Hawaii’s main characters in the first season.

Fans will have to keep watching to see if Jane is able to keep her soon in Hawaii.

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