Actor Jimmy Palmer Explains the ‘Ducky Tribute’ Episode in NCIS Season 21

Brian Dietzen, who plays Jimmy Palmer, explains why a certain component of the Ducky tribute episode in NCIS season 21 was included.

NCIS star Brian Dietzen has revealed details about season 21’s upcoming Ducky tribute episode, including one key element involving his character, Jimmy Palmer.

David McCallum served as the team’s historian and former Chief Medical Examiner from season one until his death in September 2023.

It was previously announced that the new season of the show would include an episode dedicated to Ducky and the man who played him.

Dietzen told TVLine why Ducky’s memorial episode in NCIS season 21 will have Jimmy discovering his body at his home.

The actor noted how close the two characters were, making his search for the deceased Historian all the more crucial to depict in the episode. See what Dietzen had to say below:

I believe everyone understands that we want to properly commemorate not only the character of Ducky, but also David McCallum, and what was essential about it was demonstrating that this is a family – how you come in and care for your own, how you are there for your loved ones. This is part of Jimmy’s everyday routine: coming into Ducky’s house and picking him up to take him to work, dropping off some coffee, or simply checking in on him as you would with a family member. I thought it was critical to demonstrate how severely this squad has been impacted by this tragedy. Jimmy was without a doubt the person closest to him.


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  1. Very nicely written piece for the tribute. And appearance by Gibs would of been a treat. Also deva would of been nice to but overall nice

  2. I love the fact that Jimmy takes “Solo” for his daughter!! The name is a tribute to Robert Vaughn who played Napoleon Solo on Man From UNCLE!! Love it

  3. Beautiful tribute to Ducky ! David McCullough a long time favorite of mine who i will always remember and love. Saw him fitst in THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E I agree with a lot of people, .Mark Hammon should have made some type of an appearance. At least Michael Weatherly has class .

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