According to the Producer: NCIS franchise can have another 3-way crossover with NCIS Sydney

The NCIS: Sydney showrunner discusses the possibility of a three-way crossover between the new spinoff and the ongoing shows set in D.C. and Hawaii.

The possibility of a crossover between NCIS: Sydney and the franchise has been discussed. The show, which premieres on Paramount+ and CBS in November, follows joint investigations conducted by the Australian Federal Police and the American Naval Cr1minal Investigative Service.

It joins the original D.C.-based series, NCIS: Hawai’i, and the now-cancelled NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Los Angeles in the NCIS universe.

TVLine questioned Sydney creator Morgan O’Neill about a potential 3-way crossover with ongoing NCIS shows, despite no green light for Sydney Season 2. O’Neill hinted at the possibility, stating “never say never.”

He suggested Hawaii’s proximity could ease a crossover, but remote video cameos are also on the table. Read his entire quote below:

Look – Never say never! TV magic is real, and crossovers with other franchises, especially Hawaii, are on our radar. The thrill lies in a shared universe, and we’re excited about potential crossover episodes – fan favorites that are top of mind for us.

Is it possible to have a proper NCIS crossover?

While Australia’s geographical isolation may limit the NCIS: Sydney cast’s crossover potential, the trend of global franchise expansion suggests plans for broader connections.

However, there are inherent limitations to such crossovers that go beyond geography.

Crossovers face challenges of scheduling, travel, and budget constraints in episodic television. A likely solution could involve remote interactions between NCIS: Sydney and other characters or using greenscreens to create the illusion of shared space without requiring cast members to cross the Pacific.

The fate of NCIS: Sydney’s renewal is unknown, but the show is doing well midway through its eight-episode season 1.

Despite receiving mixed reviews, it broke the record for most-streamed CBS premiere on Paramount+. Season 2 appears highly likely if the remaining episodes maintain audience interest.

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