Abby Sciuto’s Entire NCIS Backstory Explained


Abby Sciuto is TV’s perkiest goth, a brilliant scientist, and a shameless caffeine addict. We’re here to give you the full story behind NCIS’ unforgettable forensic scientist, from her trademark pigtails to the reason her actress departed the show for good.

While Abby might be well known for her cheery disposition, she’s also a serious-minded, forensics-loving crime solver. This balance feels very natural, and it’s no mystery as to why: Her actress, Pauley Perrette, came to the show with a degree in criminal justice. She had planned to go into law enforcement before she got bit by the acting bug. Early roles on shows like The Drew Carey Show, Jesse, and Dawson’s Creek finally culminated in 2003, when she landed the role of Abby.

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Source: YouTube – Looper

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