5 NCIS Character Deaths That Broke Our Hearts After We Watching Them


After 20 seasons of NCIS, there have been many characters that we have grown to know and love that have come and gone. While some characters have moved on to new adventures, such as Emily Wickersham’s Agent Eleanor Bishop, we have also had to say goodbye to other characters whose d3aths have left us stunned and heartbroken. While we can’t possible name them all, here are the 5 NCIS character d3aths that shattered our hearts.

Many NCIS agents and other ancillary characters have d1ed throughout the years. It would take a long time to list everyone who has d1ed on the show over the years.

We’ve broken down some of the most unexpected losses that we’re still thinking about years later.

From characters that have been with the show since its inception to those we met as side characters but who nevertheless served crucial roles, here are the NCIS character d3aths that have left us heartbroken over the years.

We’re still thinking about the d3aths of NCIS characters.

Caitlin Todd, Agent Kate

The murd3r of Special Agent Caitlin “Kate” Todd (Sasha Alexander), who joined Agent Gibbs’ team after leaving the Secret Service before the series began, was the first big d3ath that entirely surprised viewers. Her d3ath at the hands of Ari Haswari would have repercussions, notably when we met Ziva David, who would go on to become a significant and adored figure herself.


Liaison Clayton Reeves and Mi6 Officer

Reeves, played by actor Duane Henry, was an MI6 officer who joined the show in season 13 as a liaison between the NCIS office and MI6, the United Kingdom’s intelligence secret service department. He tragically d1ed two seasons later while attempting to protect Abby Sciuto from a mugger. It was a lot of joy watching him on screen, and we still miss him.

Jackie Vance

Jackie (Paula Newsome), Leon Vance’s wife, made her appearance in season 6, and while we didn’t see her as frequently as the agents, we grew to adore her as much as the Director of NCIS did. Unfortunately, she was assassinated while having dinner with Ziva David and her father, Mossad Director Eli David. Vance is still dealing with Jackie’s d3ath, and we just saw him console Jimmy after he lost his wife, Breena.

Breena Palmer

What made Breena’s (Michelle Pierce) d3ath so difficult was that it was so unexpected and brutal, especially since it occurred off-screen. She wasn’t a frequent character, and knowing Jimmy and their daughter lost her to C0V1D was heartbreaking. Jimmy struggles to deal with the series’ fallout while also rediscovering love with Agent Jessica Knight. But it doesn’t mean we didn’t wish we had more time with Breena.


Emily Fornell

Emily Fornell (Juliette Angelo), the daughter of Gibbs’ ex-wife Diane Sterling and her ex-husband former FBI agent Tobias Fornell, was a recurring character on the program who we got to see grow up. Unfortunately, Emily became addicted to narcotics and overdosed after only a few weeks of recuperation. Her d3ath was a devastating blow and an unexpected loss. Season 18 brought us some sh0ck1ng exits that we’re still trying to figure out.

We’d like to give an honorable mention to Ziva David, who was thought to be d3ad until we discovered she’d gone into hiding. She remains one of our favorite characters, whom we miss and hope to see again someday.

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