4 Unsaid Facts Of Deeks From NCIS Los Angeles Series


In the NCIS Los Angeles series we had one entertaining male character that is Deeks. Just like Kensi he too is an all-rounder with a dose of entertainment.

Martin Marty Deeks is an NCIS Liaison Officer assigned to the office of special projects located in Los Angeles. He is also the partner of Kensi (both are in a relationship together). Today you will know 4 unsaid facts of Deeks from NCIS Los Angeles Series.

We all know Deeks is a Police officer. But, the reality is he is a Lawyer. In Season 2, it was known that Deeks worked as a public defender before joining the police. In Season 4 he involved in a case relating to his client Jenny.


Deeks is well experienced in undercover work. Before joining NCIS he worked two years in Robbery division of LAPD. Deeks also worked in the vice division and had done plenty of undercover work.


Those who don’t know for them that Deeks shot at his father. Yes, you heard it right. It was one of the very unfortunate incidence. Deeks father’s name is Gordon John Brandel. His father is abusive and intoxicating.

It was during the childhood time of Deeks when his age was 11, one day his father was drunk and pointed the gun towards Deeks and his mother. During this course, Deeks shot his father in self-defense.

Though, no one faced injury during this action. But, this incidence cracks the relationship between Deeks and his father. Later in the year 1998, his father dies due to a car accident.


As it said in the beginning that Deeks too is an all rounder like Kensi in this series. Not only action or emotion he is too good at dance. Deeks is a striptease dancer. During his college days, he gets worked as a stripper. Besides these 4 unsaid facts of Deeks from NCIS Los Angeles series, there were many factors which fans are still unknown. It will be updated from time to time.


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