3 Things we hope to see in NCIS season 21 – and 2 things we don’t want to see

NCIS thrives at the age of 20: The series is stronger than ever, thanks to an oral history, CBS’s “NCIS Day,” and the success of the latest spin-off, NCIS: Sydney. With the main show due to resume in February 2024, fans have a lot to look forward to.

After reflecting on the season 20 finale, it’s time to anticipate what we desire and what we hope to avoid in season 21. Here’s our list!

We want to know if Nick Torres murd3red anyone.

Season 20 left us hanging on whether Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) committed murd3r during an undercover prison mission. The uncertainty stems from the man’s past actions towards Torres and his mother, adding complexity to the character.

As we eagerly await the season 21 premiere, Torres’ likable nature hangs in the balance, questioning if he crossed a significant line. The resolution to this intense storyline is a must-watch.

We do not want Jethro Gibbs to rejoin the team.

We appreciate Leroy Jethro Gibbs, but his well-done Season 19 concluded his story perfectly. Bringing him back for a one-off case would undermine that. Gibbs is thriving in Alaska, enjoying peace after years of cr1me fighting.

Seeing him again would be nice but not worth the long-term impact. Alden Parker, the new boss played by Gary Cole, has successfully built momentum and differentiated himself from Gibbs. Let’s keep moving forward and allow the show to thrive without Gibbs’ return.

We’d want to see a crossover episode between NCIS and NCIS Sydney.

A crossover episode with NCIS: Sydney is a must! Sydney has quickly become a surprise hit, breaking streaming records on Paramount Plus. The idea of the two teams collaborating on an international case is exciting, legitimizing the spin-off and bringing a fresh flavor to the original. It’s a win-win for fans and the NCIS franchise!

We don’t want Knight and Palmer to have relationship troubles.

We adore Jimmy Palmer and Jessica Knight’s NCIS relationship, especially after the touching scenes in the season 20 finale.

We hope their journey is uneventful and free of unnecessary drama. Allow them to continue to grow together, and please prevent out-of-character obstacles that may make their storyline less pleasurable for viewers.

We want to pay appropriate honor to Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard.

The untimely passing of David McCallum, who portrayed beloved character Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard on NCIS for two decades, has left fans mourning.

With his return for season 21 cut short by his d3ath, the show must address Ducky’s absence. The most fitting approach would be a tasteful tribute to both the character and the actor, ensuring a respectful farewell in the storyline.

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  1. Personally I don’t care for NCIS Sidney, it’s boring and out of character. I watch a few minutes and switch channels. NCIS and NCIS LA even New Orleans was good. The actors really seemed into their jobs. Sydney actors seem into their selves and in it for the money. Please bring back NCIS with Gibbs at least in some of the shows to keep it exciting and the NCIS LA was like watching your own children as detective police work. Was a great show and loved all the actors. Seems all the good shows get taken over and replaced by other shows which leave a lot of watchers in limbo of good shows to watch.

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