3 Blue Bloods Characters Possibly Absent in Season 14


We have a long off-season ahead of us, with Blue Bloods season 14 being postponed until 2024 due to continuous WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Because of the strikes, nothing is known about the future season of the program, but we do know that the show’s core cast members are all scheduled to return for season 14 – which is fantastic, because we couldn’t bear losing any member of the Reagan family or their inner circles.

While the majority of the Blue Bloods cast is expected to return for season 14, there are a few members of the show’s cast who are not.

After all, with such a large ensemble and filming on season 14 beginning on a tight timetable, it’s only reasonable that the show may not be able to come back next season.

As we look ahead to the forthcoming season, consider three characters who are unlikely to appear in season 14.

Will Jackie appear in Season 14 of Blue Bloods?

We honestly did not expect to see Jennifer Esposito return as Detective Jackie Curatola after her departure in the third season of Blue Bloods.

Fans were understandably ecstatic when Esposito reappeared in the season 13 finale!

It was very fantastic to have Jackie back on the show after all these years.

It seemed as if Esposito and Donnie Wahlberg had never missed a beat as they seamlessly resurrected Danny and Jackie’s remarkable chemistry.

Unfortunately, we do not anticipate Esposito returning for another encore in season 14.


While the show has taught us that you should never say never, there have been no rumors of Esposito returning in any capacity next season.

Still, we can’t rule out Esposito reprising her role as Jackie, and we hope we haven’t seen the last of her on the show!

Will Nicky appear in Season 14 of Blue Bloods?

Sami Gayle played Erin’s daughter, Nicky, in Blue Bloods for the first 10 seasons.

As the eldest Reagan grandchild, Nicky was frequently involved in some of the show’s major plotlines, frequently playing alongside Frank and Erin.


Nicky’s screen time on the show decreased drastically after season 10 as she went to college. We barely saw her once in season 11, she went missing in season 12, and she only appeared in one episode last season.

With Gayle no longer a series regular or recurring character on the show, it’s likely we won’t see much of Nicky again next season. However, there is one major thing that could allow her to return!

Nicky’s exit from the show coincided with Gayle’s departure for college, which limited her capacity to appear on the show. Now that Gayle has officially graduated and is back in New York, the writers may be able to bring her back into the fold on a more regular basis.

Will Jack appear in Season 14 of Blue Bloods?

Speaking of Reagan family members we’re not sure we’ll see again next season, Tony Terraciano has played Jack Reagan from the show’s inception.


Terraciano’s role, like that of fellow cast member Sami Gayle, was written off the program in recent seasons as Jack went off to college. This scenario arose as a result of Terraciano starting college in the real world and his academic schedule prohibiting him from recording the program as well.

Terraciano’s presence in the series began to diminish in season 9, and in the seasons that followed, Jack appeared in only a few episodes. As a result, it seems safe to anticipate that we won’t see Jack at Sunday dinners for the majority, if not the entirety, of season 13, as Terraciano is still in school.

He’s managed to appear in at least one episode every season, so we’re hoping to see Jack in at least one episode next season.

With the start of production delayed, it’s uncertain how the current filming schedule will coincide with Terraciano’s school and whether the authors will be able to bring Jack back in season 14.

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