10 Mind-Blowing Mistakes in Blue Bloods That Fans Completely Missed

Blue Bloods, the hit CBS generational drama, has a devoted fandom recognized for their meticulous attention to detail. Recently, fans discovered various flaws in the show, ranging from apparent crew equipment during critical sequences to wardrobe inconsistencies that have left viewers perplexed.

Investigation Scene Blunder: During a critical sequence in Season 7 Episode “Guilt by Association,” fans noticed a distracting piece of crew equipment on the floor: a large red tea mark. This blunder detracted from the intense interview between characters Aaron and Miranda, prompting people to wonder how such an oversight occurred in a show about inquiry and detective abilities.

Wardrobe Mistakes: Another prominent gaffe featured wardrobe inconsistencies, such as a ring with a blue stone that unexpectedly changed to a red stone between episodes. Viewers also noted out continuity flaws in exterior and interior shots, as well as anomalies in set design during stakeout scenes.

Response from Fans and Tom Selleck: Despite these inaccuracies, Blue Bloods remains a popular favorite, with viewers frustrated and amused by the mistakes. In other news, Tom Selleck, the show’s star, defended his famous dress choices during his time on “Magnum P.I.,” emphasizing the revival of shorts in modern design.

Fan Theories and Cast Departures: Fans are looking forward to the return of Blue Bloods for Season 13, with speculation about probable character advancements, such as Jamie Reagan becoming captain. Meanwhile, Jennifer Esposito’s resignation as Detective Jackie Curatola perplexed fans, with the show’s producers citing schedule issues as the reason for her character’s exit.

Despite periodic errors and character changes, Blue Bloods continues to attract fans across the world with its fascinating storytelling and portrayal of the Reagan family’s commitment to law enforcement. Fans eagerly await the following season, looking for any fresh discoveries or surprises that the show may provide.

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