10 Best Ziva And Tony Moments on NCIS

During their time on NCIS, Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and Tony (Michael Weatherly) shared many memorable moments. Despite the fact that their romance was a slow burn, they eventually hooked up and had a child together. Of course, everything changed when Ziva returned to Israel and everyone assumed she was k1lled in a bombing raid. With Ziva set to return to NCIS in spectacular fashion in Season 17, here are the ten best Ziva and Tony moments over the years.

10 – The first time Ziva meets Tony

Ziva made her first appearance on NCIS in Season 3’s premiere, “K1ll Ari: Part 1.” When she arrived at the bullpen to speak with Gibbs (Mark Harmon) about Ari, she discovered Tony fantasizing about Kate.

The exchange was awkward at first, but it didn’t take long for Ziva to demonstrate her impressive detective skills, telling Tony his entire background without hesitation.

9 – Assassins Who Are Married

According to NCIS Fan Wiki, Tony and Ziva’s first major assignment together was going undercover to a luxury hotel. Their backstory was that they were married assassins who were eager to play the part.

Aside from an epic make-out scene, this is the first time Ziva’s nickname, sweet cheeks, is mentioned. Ziva also began referring to Tony as “my little hairy butt,” which is pretty amazing.

8 – Tangled together

Tony and Ziva were trapped together on several occasions, but none were as memorable as the time they were trapped inside a shipping container.

The agents were forced to take cover in a shipping container during the Season 3 episode “Boxed In.” Tony got extra cozy with Ziva at one point to protect her from the flying bullets, which earned him a free dinner date.

7 – Collaborating

Tony and Ziva had plenty of opportunities to collaborate on cases as NCIS agents. Fans will remember the time they flew to Los Angeles to protect their director, Jenny Shepard.

They also took a trip to Paris, where they were able to discuss their relationship status.

6 – Caught in an elevator

NCIS Season 9 ended on a major cliffhanger, with a t3rr0rist planting a bomb inside the team’s headquarters. The bomb situation trapped Tony and Ziva inside an elevator in the season finale, “Til’ D3ath Do Us Part.”

Despite the stressful circumstances, it provided them with some quality alone time that fans will never forget.

5 – Tony copes with heartbreak

In the Season 5 episode of NCIS, “Bury Your D3ad and Family,” Tony went through some difficult times. Tony had recently divorced Jeanne and was having difficulty moving on.

Fortunately, Ziva was nearby to provide him with much-needed emotional support and a shoulder to cry on.

4 – Ziva nearly d1es

Ziva had a near-d3ath experience in Season 7 due to a boating accident. Tony was convinced for a time that Ziva had d1ed in the crash and was hell-bent on exacting vengeance.

Tony admitted that he couldn’t live without Ziva after being given some truth serum.

3 – Tony and Ziva travel to Germany.

When Ziva received information about the man who murd3red her father, she and Tony flew to Germany to track him down.

The journey, which took place in Season 10, included some very intimate scenes between the characters. Following a car accident, Tony reached out to grab Ziva’s hand, bringing their adventure to a close.

2 – Ziva’s last moments

In Season 11, De Pablo announced her departure from NCIS. Her storyline ended when she decided to move to Israel from the United States.

Tony traveled to Israel in an attempt to locate Ziva, who was missing in action. He’d find out a few seasons later that he and Ziva have a child together.

1 – The possibility of a future reunion between Ziva and Tony

Ziva made an unexpected appearance in the Season 16 finale of NCIS. The character appeared to warn Gibbs of an impending threat. We don’t know where the show intends to take Ziva next season, but there have been rumors that she may reunite with Tony at some point.

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