Wilmer Valderrama of NCIS teases a ‘Thoughtful’ new role away from the CBS cr1me drama: ‘Grounded’

Wilmer Valderrama has been endearing himself to CBS viewers as Agent Nick Torres for several years, but the actor now has a rather iconic role in the works.

As the CBS drama enters its groundbreaking 20th season, Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) remains one of the show’s most popular and trusted characters. And NCIS isn’t Wilmer’s only noteworthy credit; he also won an Oscar for his work in Disney’s Encanto. Now, the actor has reunited with Disney to reprise his role as Zorro, and he spoke with Drew Barrymore on her self-titled talk show about it.

Drew brought up Wilmer’s role in the Oscar-winning animation Encanto to start the discussion about his roles outside of NCIS.

Wilmer responded, “So she’s 14 months, she recognizes the music now,” when asked if his baby daughter recognizes her father’s voice when she watches the film. She’s having a great time.

“However, speaking of what triggered me (to do different things), I feel like I’ve been subliminally making and creating things in my career and banking them as an archive,

“When she’s old enough, she’ll find a well of content that looks and sounds like her.”

“And also sees the timeless relativity of the humanity of this family (in Encanto).”

Drew then teased, “Well, wait until she enjoys all the years of That 70s Show as well.” It was my favorite show, and I never missed an episode!”

Wilmer laughed before Drew clarified, “Of course, when she’s older, and then there’s NCIS, Special Agent Nick Torres!”

Drew then turned her attention to an upcoming role Wilmer has in the works: “I know you also have Zorro in development at Disney Plus right now.”

“Would you believe it?” Wilmer said this while the audience applauded.

Drew then pressed Wilmer on his future plans for all of these projects, given the magnitude of the workload: “Are you going to be able to maintain all of this or… this is a lot on your plate!”

“I have a lot on my plate right now,” Wilmer admitted. “But, you know, I’m always up for a challenge.”

“I think it’s, you know, we get to a point in our lives where we talk about everyone’s Mount Everest, and I think Zorro is one of those, right?”

“I love you as Zorro so much I can’t even handle it!” Drew exclaimed. Get it as soon as possible.”

“Thank you,” Wilmer said as he delved into the details of the role.

“I’ll tell you what, this will be a Zorro for this generation, incredibly thoughtful with its origin story, and very much grounded in the city.”

“Well, I trust it’s in your hands,” Drew replied as she ended the interview.

Among the excitement surrounding his role in Zorro is the not-so-minor matter of the NCIS season 19 finale.

There’s only one more episode until season 19 concludes and sets up what will undoubtedly be an unforgettable 20th season.

The finale’s synopsis reads, “When Agent Parker is falsely accused of murd3r, the team risks their jobs and lives to buy time and uncover the truth.”

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