Will Estes – See Inside the Life of Actor Who Plays Jamie Reagan on ‘Blue Bloods’

Here’s everything we know about Will Estes’s relationship status. The actor is best known for his role as Jamie Reagan on the CBS police drama ‘Blue Bloods’.

Currently, the 41-year-old is married to officer Eddie Janko, who is played by Vanessa Ray on “Blue Bloods.” According to the Cheat Sheet, Estes has been linked to a few beautiful ladies in showbiz in real life.

In 2004, he allegedly dated actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. He was also said to be engaged to actress Rachel Boston.


Despite speculation, Estes and Boston never confirmed their relationship, and based on available information, Estes is not married. While viewers enjoy the on-screen chemistry between Estes and Ray on “Blue Bloods,” the stars, who have become great friends, mentioned in an interview that kissing scenes can be awkward.


Estes and Ray admitted that their first kiss was okay because they didn’t know each other very well. The second, on the other hand, was a little strange because they had become friends at that point.

Ray claims that she and Estes have solid ideas about how Jamie and Eddie’s relationship should progress.

  • Estes has amassed a diverse body of film and television work throughout his career.


She doubted the idea of the beloved characters getting romantically involved, fearing it would limit their growth. In contrast, Estes expressed concern that their story might conclude once Jamie and Eddie became official.

“Once they got together, the story was over,” he said. “Hitchcock taught us that anticipation is far superior to the monster.” So we were worried about what it would mean once we were together.”

According to IMDb, Estes was born in October 1978 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Estes has amassed a diverse body of film and television work throughout his career.

The actor received critical acclaim for his portrayal of JJ Pryor in the 2002 TV drama “American Dreams.” “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (1999), “The Cleaner” (2008), “In Plain Sight” (2008), and “Eleventh Hour” (2008) are among his other television credits.

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