Why Shouldn’t Michael Weatherly Return To Replace Gibbs On NCIS..?

Fans of NCIS are hoping Michael Weatherly will return to replace Mark Harmon, who has left the show.

Weatherly played Special Agent Tony DiNozzo until 2016, when he moved on to the sitcom “Bull.” With “Bull” ending and Harmon departing NCIS, fans are speculating about Weatherly’s return. But bringing him back would be a mistake.

Weatherly’s character, Tony, had a significant storyline with Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), which culminated in them having a child together. Tony left NCIS to find their daughter after Ziva was presumed dead.

However, Ziva’s return in season 16 revealed she faked her death, and the family reunited off-screen in Paris.

It would be counterproductive to Tony’s character growth to reinstate him as team leader at this time.

His kid is his top priority, and returning to his old career would go against his decision to protect her. A cameo may work, but making him a regular member would disrupt prior plots.

Furthermore, Tony would have to contend with the current team leader, Alden Parker (Gary Cole).

NCIS has evolved with new characters and dynamics, such as Nick Torres and Kasie Hines. Some fans welcome the change in leadership, appreciating the show’s ability to evolve.

Bringing back Tony may excite fans at first, but it may disappoint in the long run because it changes the show’s dynamics. NCIS’s success stems from its ability to add new aspects and advance the story, and reintroducing previous characters may impede that advancement.

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  1. As much as I loved Tony & Ziva I have agree it wouldn’t make any sense for Tony to come back & try to take over as team leader, especially when you consider what his character was like when he left – personally I think the team has outgrown him tbh, plus how would he be able to lead the team & be with Ziva & their daughter when they’re not even in the same state let alone country?

  2. I’m sure a story line could be wrote to bring all 3 of them back even if he was not the team leader they both made the story better and funny at the same time

  3. if gibbs leave they will have to change the name because know one will watch it .tony is not that good unless some one halds his hand and tell him what to do

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