Why is ‘Danny Reagan’ Always the Only One Really Eating During Blue Bloods’ Family Dinner Scenes?


Longtime “Blue Bloods” viewers will recall that the Reagan family dinners are one of the most important aspects of the show, occurring at least once per episode.

These infamous family dinners bring the Reagan dynasty together to laugh, discuss their work, and maintain a semblance of normalcy in their hectic and dangerous lives.

The heartfelt family banter during these scenes is perhaps the show’s most endearing aspect, and it’s certainly the part that fans seem to talk about the most.

According to TV Guide, series creator Leonard Goldberg once stated that these dinner sequences were “the cornerstone of the family side of the show.”

Blue Bloods is about flawed but honorable individuals who may disagree but always come together.

When fully examined, Goldberg’s statement also asserts that “Blue Bloods” is much more of a family drama than your average police procedural, which is exactly what fans enjoy.

“Not that these characters don’t have flaws,” writer Robin Green elaborated in the same TV Guide article, “but they are basically strong, good, honorable people who are trying to do the right thing and make an honorable world.”

As realistic and endearing as these dinner scenes are, it’s worth noting that nearly every actor in these scenes is only pretending to eat, and as a result, most of the characters barely touch their food. Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) is the one exception, as he practically inhales everything on his plate and frequently speaks with his mouth full.


Danny eats all of his food, according to Donnie Wahlberg, because of his reckless nature.

In a hilarious twist, actor Donnie Wahlberg claims that his character quirk on “Blue Bloods” is related to his demeanor outside of these intimate family dinners. “Danny probably eats the most because Donnie’s the hungriest,” Wahlberg joked with TV Insider. “But, seriously, Danny is a bull in a china shop.” At dinner, the best way to play that is for him to talk a lot with his mouth full.”

Indeed, throughout the series, Danny Reagan has proven to be the most daring and hot-headed member of the Reagan family, frequently using excessive force to apprehend cr1minals and frequently allowing his emotions to get the best of him on the job. Given Danny’s headstrong nature, it seems only natural that Wahlberg would make a concerted effort to have him act recklessly and excitably at the dinner table as well.

In any case, it’s certainly interesting to learn that Danny Reagan’s aggressive eating habits have an actual reason, which provides the audience with some critical insights into his reckless nature.

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