Why does Rachel Witten from Blue Bloods Appear to be a Familiar Face?


The Blue Bloods show has managed to tell a variety of stories focusing on different people throughout the years, and during season 8, viewers were introduced to the newest recurring officer – Rachel Witten, as played by Lauren Patten.

She made an emotional entrance by stopping a man who was jaywalking and unwittingly breaking rules when she inquired about his immigration status.

It causes a slew of problems for the police department, and Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) eventually fires her. After she realizes her mistake, Frank reassigns her to a new precinct, where she teams up with Eddie Janko-Reagan (Vanessa Ray).

Since since, the character has emerged on and off, always ready to uphold the law when the occasion demands it.

She effortlessly shifts between strong and vulnerable, which requires an exceptional performer to represent. Fortunately, those behind Blue Bloods cast Lauren Patten in the role, and this isn’t her first time joining a popular television show.

In Succession, Lauren Patten managed to hold her own against the Roy family.

When the first season premiered in 2018, Succession immediately rose to the top tier of prestige television.

The series not only drew a flurry of fans who couldn’t get enough of the dysfunctional Roy family, but it also won a slew of honors, including a Golden Globe for Best Drama Series in 2020.

Logan Roy (Brian Cox), the patriarch of the central family, understands that his time as CEO will soon come to an end as he ages and his health deteriorates.

As a result, his four children strive to take his place, which frequently leads to dishonesty and underhandedness.

Each is vying for money and contacts, which leads Kendall (Jeremy Strong) to meet with a prospective entrepreneur named Angela (Patten) in season 1, episode 8, “Prague.”

Kendall makes a compelling case during their initial encounter, but when he subsequently meets with Angela, he confronts her about why she declined his seed money.

She states that she does not want to be linked with the Roy name, likening doing business with him to “marrying Hitler.”


Angela is unlikely to return for Season 3 of Succession, but she had the opportunity to demonstrate some range as she lashes out at Kendall in a drug-fueled frenzy.

Lauren Patten then appeared in an episode of The Good Fight during season three.

The Good Fight has a knack for staying on top of current events. It’s one of the best political TV shows out there, with plots focusing on issues like online disinformation and the growth of the alt-right movement.

Polly Dean, played by Lauren Patten, fits perfectly into the series’ machinations as a fresh addition to Diane Lockhart’s (Christine Baranski) opposition organization. She appears as a recurrent character in Season 3 and puts her technological knowledge to good use.

In “The One Where a Nazi Gets Punched,” for example, Polly requests clear images of a bunch of bigots scaring voters so that she can dox them online, resulting in one of the bigots losing their job.

Polly hasn’t been seen on the show since “The One Where the Sun Comes Out,” although she could return if her talents are ever needed again.

Lauren Patten is always a treat, whether she’s on stage in the Broadway version of Jagged Little Pill or rubbing elbows with the Reagans on Blue Bloods.

As Patten once told Distractify, “I have been acting since I was a young kid.” It is not done in my family. “I was a peculiar child who talked about performing from the time I could talk.” The emerging talent has a promising future.

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