Why does Joe Hill from Blue Bloods Appear to Be So Familiar?


In Blue Bloods’ Season 10 conclusion, Sean discovers a long-lost cousin through a school DNA project, revealing a shocking twist. Joe Hill, a cousin of Frank’s murdered son Joe, is presented as an NYPD detective.

Joe, played by Will Hochman, joins the Reagan family, sparking intrigue and caution over a family supper. Hochman may be familiar to audiences from past roles.

On Broadway, Will Hochman has played a leading role.

Hochman, a Brooklyn native, discovered his passion for acting at Colby College, where he immersed himself in theater despite graduating with a degree in economics, he told

His professional debut was as Knox, the idealistic romantic, in the stage adaptation of Dead Poets Society. Prior to this, Hochman played John Proctor in a scene from Arthur Miller’s The Crucible during his senior year, providing a glimpse into the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings.

Hochman made his mark on Broadway in The Sound Inside, his most significant stage role yet. In his debut, he portrayed Christopher, a troubled Yale student, alongside Tony Award-winning Mary-Louise Parker. Describing Parker as a “special” and “titanic” talent, Hochman lauded his co-star in an interview with


Look for Will Hochman in these films.

Will Hochman, best known for his stage performances, made a memorable film debut on Blue Bloods. Executive producer Kevin Wade hinted at the importance of Hochman’s character, Joe Hill, in the Reagan family dynamic for Season 11.

Hochman’s engagement extends beyond Blue Bloods; he wrote, directed, and performed in the short film Fifteen, and he played Lord Montague in a live-streamed production of Romeo and Juliet to benefit Mount Sinai Hospital. Hochman will also appear in a films, including Let Him Go, starring Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, and Critical Thinking, directed by John Leguizamo.

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