Why Do Blue Bloods Fans Hate Danny in the Early Seasons?


If you ask a bunch of “Blue Bloods” fans who their favorite character on the show is, Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan is bound to earn a few votes.

Since the first episode, when he solved an extraordinarily complicated missing persons case in record time, the NYPD detective has been a staple on the show.

Longtime viewers have been happy to see the Reagan son carry out justice time and time again (even if the precise limitations of Danny’s work have some supporters scratching their heads).

Danny may be a clear fan favorite, but that doesn’t mean they think he’s a great character. In truth, few members of the core characters of “Blue Bloods” have a more tangled and dubious past than the detective, who has more than once straddled the line between justice and vigilantism.

However, there is another issue that many viewers had with Danny throughout the show’s early seasons that hampered their appreciation of him as a character.

Danny’s rage issues are difficult to accept.

When “Blue Bloods” first begins, Danny is the stereotypical tough officer. The investigator makes his debut as a hothead, hard on both cr1minals and colleagues and afflicted by inner problems.

But, in subsequent seasons…he’s still there, despite having evolved in certain ways and even having a budding relationship that some “Blue Bloods” fans can’t seem to agree on. Unfortunately, getting over Danny’s initial time can be difficult.

u/danahenry1708 expressed their displeasure with Danny’s behavior early on in a thread on the r/bluebloods subreddit.

“I think Danny’s anger issues are quite annoying,” remarked one commenter. “He doesn’t get ANY consequences for behaving the way he does and it’s happening more and more frequently.”

While some users remarked that Danny has difficulty regulating his fury, veteran fans noticed that the detective improves over time.


“I really disliked Danny at the start of the show,” u/AphroditeRose1 said. “He was my least favorite character at first, but I like him more now.” I don’t want to give anything away, but he does progress.”

Donnie Wahlberg thought Danny’s initial irritability was vital. In an interview with The 92nd Street Y in New York, the actor discussed accepting his character’s weaknesses. “I wouldn’t have been ready 10 years ago to play it,” he told me.

“Perhaps even eight years ago. But when this portion came up, I was able to trust what was written and risk the audience disliking me for the sake of the production.”

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