What to Remember About Treat Williams’ Role in Blue Bloods


Treat Williams, who d1ed in a motorcycle accident on Monday, has left Hollywood and the rest of the world in mourning. Since 1969, the actor has had a prolific career in the entertainment industry.

Over the years, he has landed roles in both television and film, the most recent of which was continuing his recurring role as Lenny Ross on CBS’ long-running procedural Blue Bloods.

Beginning in Season 6, Treat Williams portrayed Detective Lenny Ross of the New York City Police Department, Frank Reagan’s friend and former NYPD partner.

Throughout his six episodes, Lenny got himself into trouble and caused some trouble here and there, as well as giving Frank more things to worry about, such as an exposé, a job offer, or secrets, but their friendship endured.

Seeing Williams and Tom Selleck work together so frequently was a “treat,” and it will be difficult to not see them together anymore.

Williams made his first appearance on Blue Bloods in 2016, and even though he only appeared in six episodes, it seemed like a lot.

It’s nice that fans got to see him one more time as retired detective Lenny Ross before his untimely d3ath, and with Blue Bloods renewed for Season 14, it wouldn’t be surprising if the show paid tribute to him in some way.

Whether Ross d1es off-screen and receives a funeral fit for a police officer or just a nice tribute at the end of an episode, it’s likely that the CBS series will give Williams at least something, but tributes for the actor will likely continue to pour in from wherever they come.

Treat Williams is arguably one of the best Blue Bloods guest stars, as his appearances were always entertaining. His most recent episode, Season 13’s “Irish Exits,” saw Frank concerned about Lenny, who was concealing the true reason he was in town, which turned out to be cancer. It’s possible that whatever the series decides to do with Lenny will include the cancer storyline, even if he doesn’t d1e.

That is, if he is the subject of a storyline next season. It’s unlikely that they’d recast him because Williams is so iconic and legendary, but fans may have to wait until Season 14 to see what happens. Fortunately, all Blue Bloods episodes are available on Paramount+, so fans can go back and rewatch them whenever they want.

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