What is The Age and Sibling Order of The Reagans on Blue Bloods..?


The theme of Blue Bloods is family. Yes, there are cr1mes and cases aplenty, but the real heart of the show is found at the dinner table, where the Reagan family gathers. They are what distinguishes the show from every other cop drama on television.

Over the last thirteen seasons, we’ve gotten to know the Reagan family, particularly the adult siblings. What we don’t know is how old each of them is and what order they are in terms of who is the youngest. There has been some uncertainty about continuity, so we thought it would be helpful to clarify once and for all.

Ages of Reagan Family on Blue Bloods

Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) is the most easily identified. He is, by a wide extent, the youngest of the four Reagan siblings. According to Blue Bloods Wiki, he is 36 years old, which means he joined the Patrol Services Bureau when he was only 24 years old. Some argue that the character is actually older, although only by a few years. Despite the absurdities of TV backstories, the family’s baby is in his late 30s.

Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) is the second youngest and only daughter, with possibly the most perplexing age timeline. It has been said that she celebrated her fortieth birthday during season one, but she then turned 40 again during season six, causing confusion. While the original markers would place Erin closer to the age of the actress who plays her, 52, the character was born in 1975, making her 48.


Then there’s the age dispute over who is the oldest. From seasons 1-7, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) was clearly the oldest, but beginning with season 8, this fact was retconned such that the deceased Joe Reagan was actually born first. While the reason for the alteration has been debated, some fans believe it was done to enable for the arrival of Joe’s son in season 10. Overall, Danny is thought to be in his early 50s (an exact age has never been disclosed).

So, to summarize, there were a lot of dates and ages to sort through. Jamie Reagan is the youngest Reagan child, followed by Erin, Danny, and the late Joe. As a result, Erin is the family’s eldest daughter, and Donnie is the family’s oldest living son. It’s difficult to determine whether the show will retcon the ages in future seasons, but for now, this is the best guess we have.

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