What Happened to Timothy McGee on NCIS..?

McGee was shot by Gibbs in the 5th episode of season 18 of NCIS, titled “Head of the Snake.”

However, it was revealed in the sixth episode, “1mm,” that Gibbs shot McGee to protect him from being brutally hurt because the aircraft he was chasing had a bomb on it.

McGee was taken to the hospital and survived, but he had been shot in the shoulder. He was shaken as well, and he had to deal with the emotional trauma of being shot by someone he trusted.

McGee struggled to cope with what had happened in the subsequent episodes. He had nightmares about the shooting and was on edge all the time.

He also had difficulty trusting people and was hesitant to return to work. McGee, on the other hand, began to heal with the help of his friends and family. He returned to work and began to reestablish his trust in others.

The shooting of McGee was a traumatic event, but it also helped him grow as a character. He learned to be more assertive and gained confidence in his abilities.

He also learned the value of trust and came to appreciate the people who helped him in his time of need.

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