Vanessa Ray Explains Why the Dinner Scenes in Blue Bloods Are So Important


“Blue Bloods” distinguishes out in the police procedural genre since it focuses on the Reagan family, all of whom work in law enforcement.

The show’s hallmark dinner sequences, in which the family gathers and discusses everything from cases to personal anecdotes, emphasise their close friendship. Vanessa Ray, who plays Eddie Janko, stressed the importance of these scenes in determining the show’s dynamics.

Vanessa Ray Claims That The Family Dinners Keep Viewers ‘Coming Back’

Vanessa Ray, famous for her role in ‘Blue Bloods,’ attributes the show’s ability to captivate viewers to its family dinners.

In an interview with The Nerds of Color, Ray praised these scenes as the show’s core element, providing a break from its intense moments.

She emphasized how these gatherings showcase the Reagans’ capacity to resolve conflicts and share heartfelt moments, making them a favorite among fans. Ray specifically mentioned a touching moment in Season 8 when her character, Eddie, officially became a part of the family.

According to her, these dinners are not just about food but also about fostering unity. Given their continued popularity, viewers can anticipate more unforgettable moments in the future.

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