Vanessa Ray and Will Estes Discuss a Possible ‘Jamko Baby’ on Blue Bloods

The long-running CBS police drama “Blue Bloods” recently celebrated a big network television success.”Blue Bloods” aired its 250th episode as Season 12, Episode 16 (“Guilt”) on March 11, 2022 (via IMDb).

In honor of the occasion, the cast took the time to reply to questions submitted by fans to TV Insider. Fan-submitted questions frequently represent the basic desires and desires of an online fan base’s most ardent supporters.

As a result, these queries can sometimes elicit replies to very probing questions.

For example, this interview covered everything from when New York City Police Commissioner (Tom Selleck) would step down to prospective spin-off ideas.

Of course, like many other popular series, “Blue Bloods” contains a romantic angle, which usually always attracts a particularly high level of devotion among superfans.

One romance-obsessed fan, for example, wanted to know if there will be a love future for NYPD Detectives Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez). Another inquiry focused on the relationship of NYPD Sergeant Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and NYPD Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan (Vanessa Ray).

Vanessa Ray thinks it would be enjoyable, but she adds one important caveat.

Fans of “Blue Bloods” may recall that former coworkers Jamie and Eddie married at the end of Season 9.

While the Reagans are famed for their size, many fans have remarked that Jamie and Eddie have yet to see fit to grow their own family (despite occasional on-screen discussions about it).

A TV Insider reader named Tbird1549 asked frankly, “Will Jamie and Eddie have any kids?”

Ray’s original remark was, “A Jamko (a popular portmanteau of “Jamie” and “Janko”) baby would be fun, wouldn’t it?” She soon cautioned, however, that such a development may drastically alter Eddie’s place in the series.”

However, if Eddie became pregnant, it would mean sitting behind a desk,” Ray explained to TV Insider. She’s not sure she’d like it, but being a part of the Reagan family has transformed her in many ways for the better.

Estes, for his part, didn’t seem to have much of an opinion on the subject, but it’s clear that he’s thrilled to follow the couple’s future in any case. “That’s up to God and our writers,” Estes said. “I’ll be staying tuned with you.”

“Blue Bloods” new episodes run on CBS on Friday nights at 10/9c.

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