Vanessa Lachey of NCIS Hawaii Discusses How Her New Role Has Affected Her Marriage ‘It Could Be Terrible.’

Vanessa Lachey, star of NCIS: HAWAII, has spoken out about how her recent career success has affected her marriage with celebrity husband Nick Lachey.

Vanessa Lachey, the star of NCIS Hawaii, is well-known for her marriage to TV personality husband Nick Lachey as well as her presenting career. After recently co-hosting two popular new Netflix reality shows, NCIS Hawaii’s leading actress, 41, has revealed how much the celebrity couple’s relationship has changed over the years.

Vanessa claims that co-hosting Netflix shows Love is Blind and The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On has improved her 11-year marriage with Nick.

After appearing together in Nick’s music video for his song, What’s Left of Me, the beauty pageant winner and actress began dating her now-husband in 2006.

They married five years later on Richard Branson’s private Necker Island and have had a successful film career together ever since.

Nick and Vanessa launched their own Netflix shows together in the last two years after joining his wife as a host in the Miss USA competition several times.

In 2020, they were cast as the faces of Love Is Blind, a reality show that challenges contestants to find a romantic match while blindfolded.

The couple appeared again in The Ultimatum in 2022, a social experiment in which several couples were given only eight weeks to decide whether to marry or split up forever.

Both series have become smash hits for the streaming service, but Vanessa has assured fans that her recent successes have only served to strengthen their high-profile marriage.

“On set, going through our lines, we have fun and banter, and in glam, we just poke at each other,” she explained.

“And it has truly brought us closer together.” And I’m grateful for that because it could be awful or awesome, right?

“If you work with your spouse, you’re either going to love it or hate it – and thankfully, we love it,” she added.

Vanessa and Nick have three children in addition to their hectic television careers.

Despite securing yet another major role in 2021, this time for a spin-off of CBS’s wildly popular NCIS series, the actress revealed she now has more time to spend with her husband.

Vanessa recently relocated to Hawaii to be closer to the series, and they are now able to devote more time to their relationship because they are frequently on set together.

“We simply talk more, “She revealed to TODAY. “Not just the good, but also the bad.”

“You know, this bothers me or this is something on my mind; let’s talk about it.” It’s what we do; we talk for a living, so let’s talk “She elaborated.

Vanessa and Nick have also learned to value the high points of their relationship even more than they previously did.

“You’re only human; you want to hear compliments, especially from your partner,” she continued.

Fortunately, the celebrity power couple will be spending even more time together as both Love Is Blind and The Ultimatum have been renewed for new seasons.

Vanessa has also begun production on the much-anticipated second season of NCIS: Hawaii, so it won’t be long before Special Agent Jane Tennant returns to the big screen.

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