Unseen Funny Pictures From NCIS Los Angeles Series

Though there is no official confirmation when Season 12 of the NCIS Los Angeles Series will begin but makers have already given a glimpse of new season beginning. Makers have already released a promo as RETURNING SEASON 12. Meanwhile, today we will highlight some unseen funny pictures from NCIS Los Angeles Series which fans haven’t seen yet.

The first one is when Kensi tried to catch Deeks with two fingers.

A way to relax. Nell meditates during her break.

Kensi once again. This time she jumps high like a mountain.

Eyes say all. This Kensi and Nell picture together tells everything.

This one from Season 11 is more awkward then above unseen funny pictures from NCIS Los Angeles Series.

It’s selfie time. You should actually be working but selfies are more important.

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