Rumors That ‘Nick Torres’ Leaving: Will Season 21 Be His Final Chapter on NCIS?

Fans of NCIS are on edge as Special Agent Nick Torres finds himself in serious peril in the latest season. Torres has taken center stage with Mark Harmon’s departure, but his future on the program remains unknown. Torres, played by Wilmer Valderrama, has been a six-year series regular, but Season 21 suggests he may be leaving.

While Valderrama hasn’t signaled leaving, recent cast shakeups raise concerns. Preview snippets reveal Torres spending time away from the team, leaving fans wondering about his fate. Will this be his final chapter on NCIS?

Is Nick Torres Quitting the NCIS?

Could Nick Torres be saying goodbye to NCIS? Fans speculate that Season 21 will be his final season. Why? In December 2021, Wilmer Valderrama was cast as the star in Disney’s forthcoming live-action Zorro film series. While he has not hinted at quitting NCIS, the timing has sparked speculation.

But wait, there’s more drama! In a sneak peek for Season 21, Torres is seen being hauled out of NCIS in cuffs by the FBI, accused of murd3r. Talk about a cliffhanger! And if that’s not enough, there’s a video message where Torres essentially tells his team to stay out of it.

What about the unsavory character from Torres’ past? It turns out that he has only brought Torres and his family misery. Torres is now on a revenge mission, no matter what the repercussions may be.

Intrigued yet? Valderrama himself teased that Torres is about to go through some serious changes. We’re talking major character development here, folks.

So, will Torres hang onto his badge or end up behind bars? Is this the end of his NCIS journey? Looks like we’ll have to tune in to find out!

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  1. I don’t want Torres to leave the show. The show is starting to bring a lot of people back. It’s getting better & better. So please talk him into staying. Thanks

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