Torres and Tennant Romance rumours revealed in awkward first look at NCIS Hawaii Crossover

Fans were surprised to learn that Jane Tennant has already met one of the team’s mainland agents. NCIS and NCIS Hawaii are on track for a blockbuster crossover event next Monday.

NCIS Hawaii premiered only a year ago, but it has already become a huge hit in the long-running NCIS franchise. In the following episode, team leader Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) takes on a new case with two Washington agents, but not before Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) addresses the “elephant in the room.”

The upcoming episodes of NCIS and NCIS Hawaii could reveal a major revelation about the romantic history of two key agents.

In the latest sneak peek at the next episode of NCIS Hawaii, Agent Torres confirmed that he and Tennant had previously met.

T’N’T will wrap up a crossover event that began with the 17th episode of NCIS season 19, Starting Over.

Agents Torres and Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) fly to Hawaii to investigate when a key witness in one of the team’s old cases turns up.

Torres, on the other hand, surprises his new colleagues by beginning his visit by addressing some of the rumors swirling around him and Tennant.

“I know there are a lot of rumors going around about what happened with Tennant and me back in Orlando,” he explained.

“But all I wanted to say was that it was just a conference!” Nothing unusual occurred; everything was strictly professional.

“And what about this ‘T’n’T’ moniker?” Man, come on. There’s no secret meeting going on here, okay?”

Torres tries to laugh it off, but he becomes speechless when he realizes Tennant’s team was unaware of the rumours.

Jane looks down in shame and says, “Yeah, they didn’t know,” as the room falls silent for several awkward moments.

Torres’ insistence on putting an end to the rumors so quickly may imply that there’s more to their trip to Orlando than he’s letting on.

In another episode preview, Tennant is questioned about the gossip by the Hawaii team’s cyber specialist, Ernie Malik (Jason Antoon).

“‘T’n’T,’ eh?” As soon as she walks into his lab, he starts questioning her. Torres and Tennant.”

Tennant sighs and jokes, “Of course, they texted you right away.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Ernie responds. “It’s a solid moniker. “How about matching tattoos?”

Tennant appears concerned for a split second, as if Ernie’s information could be correct, and demands to know where he heard it.

“Nowhere!” responds a wide-eyed Ernie. It’s just fishing.”

It’s unclear how many times Tennant and Torres have met, so the rumors may not have started and ended with their infamous meeting in Orlando.

Perhaps the couple had a wild night of passion that culminated in a spontaneous tattoo session?

In any case, when the two episodes air next Monday, fans will be eager to learn more about NCIS’s newest team leader and Torres’ mysterious past.

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