Tom Selleck: Not Ready to Retire, But Ready to Spill All in Exclusive Interview

Tom Selleck, the renowned actor known for his appearances in Magnum P.I. and Three Men and a Baby, isn’t retiring just yet. He’s 74 years old and is preparing to write a memoir about his life. But there’s a twist: he’s not retiring! Prepare for an intimate look at Selleck’s extraordinary career spanning five decades in television and film. Stay tuned for more startling revelations from the man himself!

Tom Selleck: Iconic 70’s Star Returns to the NYPD in Blue Bloods!

From Magnum P.I. to The Rockford Files, Tom Selleck captivated audiences with his detective roles. Now, he’s back on screen as the commissioner of the NYPD in Blue Bloods. Selleck’s versatile career spans romantic comedies to family favorites, but his return to cr1me-solving is a must-watch for fans old and new!

‘Blue Bloods’

Tom Selleck, who plays Frank Reagan on CBS’s hit drama ‘Blue Bloods,’ isn’t slowing down after ten seasons. He is eager for more, saying, ‘I don’t see an end point.’ Fans admire the Reagan family’s monthly dinner table discussions. With Selleck’s passion, the show’s future appears more promising than ever.

A Memoir is On the Way.

Iconic actor Tom Selleck isn’t slowing down, but he’s gearing up to share his untold story. Set to publish with Dey Street Books, a division of HarperCollins Publishers, Selleck’s memoir promises an exclusive glimpse into Hollywood’s transformation from the ’70s to today. Get ready for a captivating journey through Tinseltown’s evolution!

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  1. Tom I just lovingyour shows. Sorry the title of your other cop show too. I want to read your memior when it comes out. I want to respect your privacy too. Thanks for sharing so much.

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