Tom Selleck is Still Determined To Save Blue Bloods: ‘I Will Do Whatever It Takes’

Tom Selleck is determined to save “Blue Bloods,” urging fans to spread the word that he won’t give up. Despite CBS’s plans to end the show with Season 14, Selleck is fighting to keep it going. The behind-the-scenes drama may offer the serious stakes and tension fans have been missing. Neither side appears ready to back down.

Tom Selleck Refuses To Give Up: ‘Tell Your Friends’

Tom Selleck is the most outspoken critic of CBS’ decision to terminate “Blue Bloods.” He is actively resisting the move, blasting the network at every chance, and vowed not to stop until the show is renewed. Selleck recently confirmed his commitment during an interview with Esquire:

“What’s the future of Blue Bloods? CBS will tell you it’s ending. I think they’re going to come to their senses. I certainly wish they would. I’m going to do whatever it takes. Tell your friends,” he said.

At This Point, CBS Executives Hate Tom Selleck.

While fans admire Tom Selleck’s efforts to preserve “Blue Bloods,” his motivations may be less altruistic than they appear. According to reports, Selleck relies significantly on his $4 million annual income from the show to support his opulent family property.

“Tom is an entitled brat. Hundreds of behind-the-scenes staff face unemployment when the show wraps, while Tom complains about his lavish 63-acre ranch,” an insider said, highlighting the frustration of CBS executives.

Despite this, Selleck stays firm in his drive to save the show, even though CBS chooses to ignore his efforts. Fans looking for more “Blue Bloods” drama can find plenty off-screen.

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  1. I love Blue Bloods. I’ve followed Tom Selleck’s career from the very beginning.
    Blue Bloods is a great show with a great cast. I wish they wouldn’t take it off of the air. I enjoy watching it every Friday night from 10 to 11pm. I love the family dedication and unity.

  2. Blue bloods is my favorite show on tv. I love Tom Sellick and the whole cast.its the best show on tv. One that has family values unlike so many others. I look forward to Friday nights to watch it and it’s so very creative.

  3. What Tom Selleck does with his money is none of our business. I am proud that he is such a good actor, dedicated to his craft, who has made us all love this show. He makes his character come alive and that is what makes this show such a hit. The cast has become almost family to most of us…..and one that we could pattern our lives after. No bad language, very few guns and shooting…….we can relax and follow “the adventures of……”.
    At our house, we love Blue Bloods and all of the crew!

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