Tom Selleck Reveals His ‘Stirring’ Favorite Episode of Blue Bloods


“The one that will always be my favorite is ‘The Job,'” Selleck stated during a TV Insider interview, referring to Season 2’s twelfth episode.

According to the MAGNUM P.I. star, the episode was one in which viewers “found out that Frank [Reagan, Selleck’s character] was in the World Trade Center’s North Tower on 9/11.”

“It was quite stirring because 9/11 was still fresh in people’s minds,” remarked the actor. “It was difficult for me to stay strong as an actor and not cry because Frank is tougher than that.” F. Murray Abraham played a [psychologist, Leon Goodwin], but Frank isn’t fond of psychologists.

The episode concludes with the folks who became ill as a result of their presence at the time. We were the first show permitted to display the Trade Center Memorial shortly after it was completed.”

The 14th season of BLUE BLOODS is currently in development, although work has been delayed owing to WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

The fate of the police drama was unknown, but according to the Hollywood Reporter, “the stars and key producers all agreed to the pay cut in order to keep the Friday night cop drama running and keep the hundreds of production staffers employed for another season.”

Selleck also seemed to be open to many more seasons of BLUE BLOODS. When asked if he wanted to make it to Season 15, he said, “I’ve got a mortgage.” “I’m in!”


Previously, Movieguide® reported on the fourteenth season of BLUE BLOODS:

On July 17, CBS TV announced that “Classic Episodes” of BLUE BLOODS will air on Friday evenings. However, viewers will have to wait until season 14 to see what happens.

“At the moment, CBS has not released an official release date for Blue Bloods season 14; however, the network has confirmed that the new season will not be available until 2024.” This suggests that the new season might launch as early as January, according to MSN.

Season 14 could premiere in January, depending on when the writers’ and performers’ strikes expire. If the strikes continue until October, production will be further delayed, potentially pushing BLUE BLOODS season 14 back even more.

“An official episode count has not been announced,” Hidden Remote stated. A season of the show, on the other hand, normally consists of 20-22 episodes. Due to the writers’ strike, there may be an episode reduction for season 14 in order to maintain an autumn to spring timetable. During the epidemic, the series’ shortest season was 16 episodes, which was season 11.”

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