Tom Selleck Reveals A Major Initiative That Will Unveil Many Secrets of His Life


Tom Selleck could throw some light on the harmful allegations that he is done due to his health situation. He is working on something that many people have been anticipating for quite some time.

On April 12, 73-year-old Hollywood icon Tom Selleck revealed his next big project in an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly. The actor stated that he was writing his autobiography.

The seasoned and daring Blue Bloods star will most likely find it easy to acquire material for his life biography, and his admirers will eagerly await this priceless access to the cherished hero’s memories and secrets.

Selleck has certainly led a spectacular life, and behind the mystique he has built around himself throughout a career spanning decades is a human being with many complexities, just like the rest of us.

Born in the city of Detroit in 1945, Selleck got his most renowned role in 1980, portraying private detective Thomas Magnum in the TV series Magnum P.I., which served to solidify Selleck’s reputation as a’macho’ and action hero over the remainder of that decade.

He has two marriages. His first marriage, to Jacqueline Ray, lasted nine years, which is longer than many celebrity marriages.

But his second and current marriage, to Jillie Mack, is already 30 years long, which is a Hollywood record.

Selleck also served in the United States Army, rising to the rank of Sergeant in the National Guard during the 1970s.

‘I’ve been asked for years, and I’m finally going to do it. ‘We’re talking to publishers right now,’ the Three Men and a Baby star told Closer Weekly.

The announcement of Selleck’s planned autobiography comes amid continuous reports regarding the actor’s supposed poor health, with several accounts stating he is severely deteriorating owing to arthritis.

“Tom’s days as the car-jumping-scuba-diving-action star are a thing of the past,” one of his Blue Bloods co-stars allegedly commented lately, according to Fabiosa.

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