Tom Selleck Offers Thoughtful Reflection on ‘Blue Bloods’ Ending with Season 14

After 14 seasons, “Blue Bloods” is bidding farewell, and lead actor Tom Selleck shares his heartfelt reflections on the end of the beloved CBS series.

Selleck, well known for his role as Frank Reagan, the Reagan family patriarch and New York City police commissioner, expresses gratitude for the pleasure and privilege of being on the show. He recognizes the importance of the series in saluting law enforcement and highlighting family values.

With over 275 episodes, Selleck praises the collaboration with the talented cast, crew, and production team, making it a dream come true experience.

He thanks CBS Studios and CBS Network for their ongoing support, as well as the devoted fans who have helped “Blue Bloods” become a Friday night institution.

Selleck hints at the enduring popularity of the show, suggesting that its legacy will continue beyond its conclusion, as fans are unwilling to bid farewell. He expresses confidence that interest in the show will only grow, indicating that there are still plenty of stories left to tell.

“Blue Bloods” may be ending, but its effect and legacy will live on, leaving viewers with fond memories of the Reagan family’s trek through the streets of New York City.

Why is Blue Bloods Coming To An End..?

After a great thirteen-season run, “Blue Bloods” will conclude with the fourteenth season. The popular police procedural series was cancelled due to production issues, particularly budget limits. CBS requested major budget concessions, which resulted in actors accepting compensation decreases to assist the show’s staff.

While the renewal for season 14 was made with the possibility of it being the final season in mind, the show’s team approached it with a sense of closure. Despite the challenges, there’s optimism that the last episodes will provide a satisfying conclusion for fans.

With the finale approaching, fans may expect a mix of resolution and intriguing narrative lines to pursue. As “Blue Bloods” concludes its run, its impact on television and devoted fan base will be remembered fondly.


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  1. I really dislike the idea of Blue Bloods ending after the 14th season. It is a show that is loved by so many and we don’t understand why you are canceling it. This is a show that everyone can watch. Love the family dinners and all the discussions they have about life in general. Why do you have to end such a great and successful show? Law and Order has been on forever and you don’t see them canceling. Please reconsider for all the families and fans who love all these talented actors/actresses. We are able to enjoy them portray so many episodes of real things that go on in life ND be a part of their family for a little while. Why take this away from us?

  2. Blue bloods show is one of the best shows on TV. It tells it like it really is out there. Honest and truthful of what this country is about.
    Please rethink about canceling this show.
    People don’t want it canceled and have some stupid show put in it’s place which seems to happen to often

  3. What she said! I completely concur with you, Martha Keziah. My wife and I are watching the entire series for about the 3rd or 4th time and since there are so many episodes, we can’t remember everything, so we are still entertained. So much loyalty to a show depends on the writing and the actors TV personalities. I often feel that I am watching my friends.

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