Tom Selleck Is Going Blind, Did He’s Leaving ‘Blue Bloods’ Due To Health Concerns..?

Tom Selleck recently turned 76 years old. The health of the Blue Bloods star is frequently called into question by tabloids and rumors.

Here are some stories about Selleck’s health that Gossip Cop has looked into.

Tom Selleck Going Blind

Actor Tom Selleck has denied reports in The National Enquirer that he is going blind as a result of long-term steroid use to treat arthritis.

A spokesperson for Selleck called the story “completely false.” While extended steroid use can have an influence on vision, there is no indication that this applies to Selleck. The actor’s infrequent use of glasses does not indicate eyesight deterioration.

Did He is Prepared to Retire?

Tom Selleck’s purported retirement plans have been debunked. Reports claimed the actor was ready to exit the entertainment industry due to the demands of his show, Blue Bloods.

However, Selleck’s representative clarified that he is not retiring and remains committed to the series. Despite speculation, Selleck looks forward to continuing his work while cherishing family time.

‘Smashing The Scales’ by Tom Selleck

A tabloid called Tom Selleck “tubby Tom” and estimated his weight at around 300 pounds. The newspaper ascribed his purported weight increase to his diet, describing him as a “steak and potatoes guy.”

Selleck’s spokesman argued that he is in excellent shape and has not gained weight. The inappropriate comparison of modern images to those from 40 years ago was observed.

Is Tom Selleck Dying?

In 2019, the National Enquirer claimed Tom Selleck was dying from an incurable disease, citing arthritis as the reason for leaving Blue Bloods.

Selleck’s spokesperson debunked the story, confirming his excellent health. Despite ongoing tabloid rumors, Selleck remains well and will continue his role on Blue Bloods.

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  1. It amazes me that anyone could believe anything that the National Enquirer writes. That tabloid is not good enough to wrap my week old fish in. I think Tom Selleck looks great. I see a slight limp when he walks and if that is because of spine/back problems, I feel for him. I have issues and it is a challenge every day not to give into the pain and discomfort and yet here he is still working. Even if any of this was true, it is sad that a tabloid has to try and thrive on someone else’s misfortunes. Hope you come back and “give them hell.”

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