Tom Selleck is going blind, did he’s leaving ‘Blue Bloods’ due to health concerns..?

Tom Selleck recently turned 76 years old. The health of the Blue Bloods star is frequently called into question by tabloids and rumors. Here are some stories about Selleck’s health that Gossip Cop has looked into.

Tom Selleck Going Blind

The National Enquirer reported in an outrageous story that Selleck was suffering from arthritis and that long-term use of steroids to treat the condition could endanger his eyesight. “Macho Tom is falling apart before our eyes,” an insider said.

It is true that long-term steroid use can impair vision, but this has nothing to do with Selleck in particular. A spokesperson for the former Friends star told Gossip Cop that the story was “completely false.” The fact that Selleck wears glasses does not imply that he is going blind.

Did He is Prepared to Retire?

According to OK!, Tom Selleck is preparing to leave the entertainment industry. According to an insider, Blue Bloods was taking “more and more out of him every season.” Instead, the Magnum, P.I. star planned to spend more time with his family. “Tom’s got plenty to keep him busy — and he looks forward to kicking back on the days he doesn’t,” an insider said.

There was no hard evidence in this story. “Tom is not retiring,” a rep for Selleck told Gossip Cop. “The end of the story.” Blue Bloods has a bright future, according to Selleck, and he has no plans to leave the show.

‘Smashing The Scales’ by Tom Selleck

We’ve seen tabloids criticize his stamina and vision, so the Globe chose to criticize his weight. The disgraceful tabloid dubbed him “tubby Tom” and estimated that he weighed close to 300 pounds. According to one source, Selleck “has always been a big steak and potatoes guy — but now the more carbs he consumes, the lazier and fatter he appears to get.”

The tabloid compared photos of Selleck today to photos from 40 years ago, which is hardly a fair comparison. Selleck is in great shape, according to his rep, who stated, “Tom has not gained weight.” Please watch the show to see how fantastic he looks.”

Is Tom Selleck Dying?

In February 2019, the National Enquirer reported that Selleck had a “incurable disease” and “may not have much longer” to live. Selleck was reportedly forced to leave Blue Bloods due to his arthritis. According to an unnamed source, he required a stunt double “for simple scenes, like getting out of the police car.”

Selleck’s spokesperson told Gossip Cop that the story was “unequivocally not true.” This story was published two years ago, and Selleck is still alive and well.

The beloved television star’s health is excellent, and he will continue to appear on Blue Bloods. The tabloids, on the other hand, are unconcerned about reality and continue to claim that Selleck is afflicted with a variety of ailments. The actor appears to be in good health.

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