Tom Selleck Fans Are Seriously Concerned – Here’s Why


Recent reports about Tom Selleck’s health and the future of the popular television series Blue Bloods have left fans concerned and speculating. Reports about Selleck’s fight with an incurable disease emerged in 2019, fueled by accusations of arthritis, vision loss, and breathing problems on set. Despite constant rumors, Selleck has remained silent, raising fan anxieties.

However, amidst the uncertainty, Selleck’s commitment to Blue Bloods remains unwavering. Despite his alleged health struggles, he has continued to appear in all seasons of the show, quelling doubts about his ability to continue. In a surprising move, the cast, including Selleck, agreed to a significant pay cut to secure the show’s renewal for a 14th season, demonstrating their dedication to fans.

Selleck’s upbeat attitude on the show’s future reassures fans, with the actor indicating a willingness to return for another season if the opportunity comes. While details concerning the show’s return are unknown, fans are eagerly awaiting information on production and debut dates.

Amid the speculation and concern, Selleck’s dedication to his health regimen, including tending to his ranch and staying active in various sports, reflects his resilience and commitment to maintaining a balanced lifestyle. As fans await the return of Blue Bloods, Selleck’s steadfast presence on and off-screen offers reassurance that the iconic series and its beloved characters will endure for seasons to come.


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  1. Good to see Tom Selleck is looking great, we will be praying for him though. We love his shows, handsome and terrific actor. ❤️🙏🙏

  2. I love both Tom Selleck, and Blue Bloods. I hope that he’s staying healthy but really wish he’d ask his Dr about that wrinkle on his earlobe. I’ve heard it’s a sign of heart problems. Maybe something as simple as high cholesterol but better to be safe, than sorry.
    Right ??? 🙏~😇~🙏

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