Tom Selleck’s Candid Reflections on His Career, Including the ‘Blue Bloods’ Finale


Tom Selleck clarifies: “I’m not retiring.” The 79-year-old Emmy winner shares insights from his five-decade career in his new memoir, covering his journey from Fox New Talent to Magnum to Blue Bloods. In an exclusive interview with Country Living, Tom discusses his book, “You Never Know.”

On His New ‘Memoir’

Tom was initially hesitant to write a book owing to his private personality, but after some coaxing from his publicist, he accepted the challenge. He compiled his views over four years, preferring pen and paper to computers. Despite his doubts, he felt he had a lot to offer, hoping to teach knowledge not only to readers but also to budding actors and industry experts. His conversational manner digs into his friendships, legendary parts like Magnum, near-misses in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and memorable occasions like dancing with Princess Diana. Throughout, he incorporates life lessons, such as the necessity of choosing not to get offended.

He Spoke About His 36-Year Marriage

Tom Selleck, known for his privacy, briefly opens up about his 36-year marriage to Jillie Mack in his memoir. Despite focusing mainly on his career, he shares a poignant chapter about their secret wedding. Following the success of “Three Men and a Baby” in 1987, they married in Reno, Nevada, with only close family present. They kept it a secret for over a month, cherishing the memory together.

He Speaks About ‘Westerns Movies’

In his memoir, the actor warmly recounts his lengthy connection with Sam, which dates back to the 1960s. They collaborated on films such as The Sacketts (1979) and The Shadow Riders (1982). When asked about Westerns’ ongoing appeal, he stressed their popularity in American cinema and their depiction of both good and evil. His passion for the genre goes beyond film; it influenced his decision to purchase a ranch in California. He admires how Westerns frequently feature the countryside as the main character. Reflecting on a conversation with Kevin Costner, he praised Costner’s ability to direct and act, thanking him, along with Sam and others, with keeping Westerns alive.

He Discussed About The Future of Blue Bloods

Tom Selleck, a staple of Blue Bloods since 2010, believes the show’s unique blend of character-driven storytelling and procedural elements has contributed to its enduring popularity. He attributes much of its success to the late executive producer Leonard Goldberg and the talented ensemble cast. The iconic family dinner scenes, a trademark of the series, were Goldberg’s brainchild and have become beloved by fans.

While CBS announced season 14 as the show’s finale, Selleck is optimistic about a 15th season, citing the series’ continued success on Friday nights and its performance on Paramount Plus. He reveals plans for a shorter 10-episode season 14 due to a strike, followed by an eight-episode premiere for season 15 in the fall.

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  1. I recommend that everybody that loves Blue Bloods and especially Tom Selleck should get his book because it will be a keepsake for long after we’re all gone. It will be passed down in the family at least in my family. It is a wonderful book with his true feelings and memories of his life . It has a lot of nice pictures, chosen by him for entering the book we the fans hope that Blue Bloods will continue but if not, we will follow him on whatever endeavor he chooses seeing any of his series on TV or his movies always leaves you with a good warm feeling, I pray that CBS comes to it senses and finds a way to keep the show going. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ€—

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