Tom Selleck Claims That Working On His 65-Acre Ranch in California Keeps Him Sane


Tom Selleck, best known for his legendary roles in television cr1me dramas, has kept a low profile in Hollywood, preferring a tranquil existence away from the spotlight. His secret for a long and successful career? Balancing business and his personal sanctuary, a magnificent 65-acre ranch in Ventura, California, where he and his wife, Jillie, have raised their family since 1988.

“I’m a private person,” admits Selleck, who finds solace in his relationships and the sanctuary of his ranch. Once an avocado farm, the property boasts over 1,500 native trees that Selleck personally tends to, finding joy in watching them flourish.

Originally built in the 1930s and previously owned by Dean Martin, Selleck purchased the property in 1988 for somewhat more than $5 million. The ranch boasts eight bedrooms, staff quarters, stables, corrals, a heliport, swimming pool, cabana, tennis court, and even a putting green.

For Selleck, the ranch serves as a retreat from the ephemeral nature of show business. “In Hollywood, everything is debated – whether it’s good or bad,” he explains. “But on the ranch, planting an oak tree and watching it grow – that’s real.”

Before moving to the ranch, Selleck lived in a Los Angeles apartment furnished by designer James Blakeley III. Prior to that, he and his wife lived in a charming home on Oahu, Hawaii, while filming his well-known series, Magnum P.I., in the 1980s.

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