Tom Selleck Don’t Want To See the end of Blue Bloods – ‘I’m Not Done’

Tom Selleck, the TV superstar, refuses to talk departures or emotional endings, despite CBS’s announcement that “Blue Bloods” will finish after its 14th season. Selleck, who plays police commissioner Frank Reagan, is resolved to continue creating TV episodes in the hopes that committed fans will persuade CBS management to rethink their minds.

“I see a lot of upset people out there. We’ll see what happens,” Selleck says of the looming exit, promising that even if “Blue Bloods” ends, it won’t be drawn out.

Selleck isn’t thinking about retirement when he arrives at his property, apologizing for a weather delay. Since the launch of “Blue Bloods” in 2010, Selleck has commuted to New York City to film scenes with an ensemble cast.

“We really found our groove in ‘Blue Bloods’ somewhere in the first season,” says Selleck, crediting producer Leonard Goldberg for perfecting the show’s formula.

Selleck, known for “Magnum, P.I.,” had a different departure from the show, but he has no regrets. “It was the right decision,” he says, admitting occasional lingering thoughts.

Regarding the “Magnum, P.I.” reboot, Selleck stayed silent and notably absent. “There was no way I was going do a cameo,” he says, comparing it to a neighbor’s redesign of a perfect home. “I didn’t like the show. It’s over now. So I can say that.”

Overall, Selleck is focused on the future, both for himself and for “Blue Bloods,” leaving a legacy of memorable performances and unrelenting drive.

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  1. Please keep Blue Bloods as it is by far 1 of the best shows on the air. There are way to many reality shows on the air which are not appealing and boring. Blue Bloods keeps me wanting more and it is excellently produced. It is still on your top shows so why would you want to take it off the air. I even continue to watch the shows that are available on cable.

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