Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck Talks Guest Role That Left Him ‘Scared To Death’


Tom Selleck, best known for his appearances in legendary television episodes such as “Magnum PI” and “Blue Bloods,” recently gave some insights into the hurdles he experienced throughout his career.

Despite his prominence as one of America’s most famous faces, Selleck acknowledged that playing Monica’s love interest, Richard Burke, on “Friends” was one of the most nerve-racking moments of his career.

In an interview on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Selleck confessed to feeling “scared to death” when joining the cast of the immensely popular sitcom.

He described the pressure of guest-starring on an established show as daunting, emphasizing the importance of making new actors feel at ease on set.

In reflecting on his time on “Friends,” Selleck complimented his co-stars, particularly Courteney Cox, for their support and companionship. Despite his success on “Magnum PI,” Selleck found it difficult to shift to sitcoms, which highlighted Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer’s comedic talents.

Now a mainstay on CBS’s “Blue Bloods,” Selleck continues to thrive in his role as Commissioner Reagan. With the show recently wrapping its 12th season and confirmed for a 13th, Selleck shows no signs of slowing down. He attributes his longevity in the industry to his love for acting and dedication to his craft.

From handling the challenges of guest-starring on a hit sitcom to headlining a long-running drama series, Tom Selleck’s career exemplifies his talent and versatility in the entertainment business.

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