Tom Selleck Can’t Afford To Lose Blue Bloods

The “Blue Bloods” conclusion is heartbreaking for fans and reportedly terrible for Tom Selleck, who can’t afford to lose his role as Commissioner Frank Reagan. After a 14-year run, the show was announced to conclude with Season 14, surprise fans who had anticipated at least 15 seasons. Fans are devastated. No one is more frustrated than Selleck.

Tom Selleck is Desperate For More Blue Bloods!

Tom Selleck’s career has been marked by hits, but none as vital as Blue Bloods. His co-stars adore him; he still earns well despite a pay cut; and he’s always spoken warmly about the show. However, reports hint that its closure isn’t just an emotional blow for Selleck. Sources suggest that without Blue Bloods, his personal life and finances could take a hit. Maintaining their ranch is costly, and losing over $4 million annually could strain finances. Selleck’s recent statements seem to echo this concern, contradicting earlier reassurances.

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