Tom Selleck Reveals CBS’s Conflict About ‘Blue Bloods’ Finale

“Blue Bloods” star Tom Selleck has expressed his reluctance to see the long-running police drama come to an end after nearly fifteen outstanding seasons. Selleck, who plays Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, expressed his displeasure with CBS’s decision to end the series, saying he wasn’t ready to leave the cherished Friday night show.

Despite being 79 years old, Selleck emphasized his passion for his work and his desire to continue as long as there is demand. He acknowledged the challenges of aging but remains committed to his craft. However, CBS has already decided to wrap up “Blue Bloods” in fall 2024, leaving Selleck and many fans disappointed.

Executive Producer Tom, also known as Tom the program’s executive producer, claimed that the show still had enough of original ideas, despite its long run. While the decision to end the series has been made, the writers are still trying to create a satisfactory and emotional finale. They want to give the characters a satisfying ending while also allowing for growth and continuing in their fictitious universe.

Although plans are in motion for an 18-episode final season, Selleck remains skeptical about whether all storylines can be adequately resolved within this timeframe. He believes CBS might face conflict if they stick to the current plan.

Fans eagerly anticipate the final chapter of the Reagan family drama, hoping it will do justice to the characters and their journey, while the production team behind “Blue Bloods” works to produce a suitable ending.

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  1. I think CBS needs some new management with a little more sense. They have been messing with the very best shows and canceling some of the very best. They have been teasing us for the whole year and we are still waiting to come back on regular time and with the regular people. We know if we can’t please everybody but you’re beginning to not please anybody. Just get it back to the way it used to be and you won’t have any more problems. Actors should be running the show, they seem to know more about it. The fans will follow Tom Selleck and whatever Endeavor he decides on. Hopefully some of the other actors will follow him. 😢🙏❤️🙏 For Blue Bloods to come back‼️

  2. Please do NOT end the best show on tv. Blue Bloods is my long time favorite! It cannot be replaced!!
    Gail Favis

  3. Why not look at another network? The viewer following and support is worthy of continuing elsewhere if needed!

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