Tom Selleck Urges CBS to Reconsider Ending Blue Bloods: ‘Millions Still Not Ready to Bid Farewell’

Tom Selleck isn’t ready to leave ‘Blue Bloods’ just yet, and it appears that fans aren’t either. Despite CBS’s announcement that the show’s 14-season run is coming to an end, Selleck believes there is still a lot of love for it. With its popularity skyrocketing, he anticipates even more fans tuning in.

The series, which follows the Reagan family’s cr1me-fighting escapades in New York City, has been a Friday night favorite since 2010. Starring Selleck as Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, alongside a stellar cast including Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan, it’s been a hit, averaging over 9.5 million viewers per week.

However, Selleck has no plans to slow down anytime soon. At 79, he remains enthusiastic about his career, appreciating the opportunity to play a strong yet imperfect father figure. Who can forget the memorable family dinner scenes?

As the final episodes air, fans can expect more drama and heartfelt moments from the Reagan clan. And while Selleck isn’t ruling out retirement for his character, Frank, just yet, he’s ready to keep fighting the good fight for as long as they’ll have him.

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  1. I really enjoy watching Blue Bloods and would love 💙 to continue to watch new episodes of Blue Bloods. It’s great entertainment with a great cast and I absolutely 💯 love all the actors, especially Tom Selleck

  2. Please let Blue Bloods stay on. CBS you are making a big mistake. Your ratings will go down. Everyone wants it to stay and carry on. Don’t ruin a great thing. Not understanding why you would do this!

    • Linda I agree with you 100% I have never missed and episode of this show. I look forward to Friday nights. I wish they would fire that Amy R.that is head of programming. The fans have begged and pleaded with them not to end Blue Bloods. They really have no excuse for it, that is a bunch of BS wanting to refresh programming they have a bunch of crap they could get rid of and leave BB alone. Why get rid of a program that has such a great fan base the ratings are good it has always made money for CBS. I think there is something personal in this you will never convince me other wise.This show has a great cast the fans love everyone of them. I pray another network picks them up because the fans will sure follow them.We love our Blue Bloods !

  3. Another elevated ERROR on the CBS upper “CEO mgmt” to cancel the FANTASTIC FAVORITE shows bc of “cost” they proclaim.. less in their pockets means Cancel bc no bonus 2024 .. Paramount is selling out at a huge profit for Board members so they are not involved with the mundane production of “fan fav shows “. Still in shock w NCIS La .. but also Blue Bloods.. can’t get a better family show so it’s tossed into the dumpster .. no accounting for “🤪taste” 👋WAS a fanfav of CBS ..I’ll watch on ION for 14 yrs of repeats to keep my soul in tact

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