This Is What Happened To Jimmy Palmer’s Wife on ‘NCIS’


Several characters left the hit show “NCIS” in Season 18. Breena (Michelle Pierce), the wife of medical examiner Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen), was one of them. Pierce was joined on the red carpet by fan favorite Emily Wickersham (Agent “Ellie” Bishop).

The latter made an exciting pregnancy announcement on her social media channels recently. While Wickersham left on her own accord, an article in Express revealed the reason for Pierce’s departure from the show.

According to Express, the couple’s relationship deteriorated during season 17 of the show as Palmer’s job frequently interfered with time spent with his wife.

Palmer frequently canceled plans with Breena, which would irritate any woman, let alone the medical examiner’s wife.

However, the couple’s personal issues did not force Breena to leave “NCIS.” According to the Express, following the arrival of the cor0nav1rus pand3mic, the show’s production team wanted to feature the v1rus throughout the season’s filming.

They also wanted to portray the reality of the v1rus’s impact on the United States and the rest of the world. That’s when the show revealed Breena d1ed as a result of C0V1D 19.

The article went on to explain how Season 18 flashed back and forth between the past and the present. In this way, it revealed hints about the circumstances surrounding Breena’s d3ath.

Furthermore, Expressed stated that “the cause of her d3ath was said in a more subtle manner.” Palmer later distributes cleaning supplies and appears agitated when using the term “C0V1D 19.”

In response to the actress’s departure, Dietzen stated, “The producers let me know that [they] wanted the arrival of C0V1D 19 to hit our team.” However, they did not want to lose another team member.

While the character’s absence from the show is understandably upsetting, fans may have underestimated how much it affected Dietzen in real life. “I was notified ahead of [the decision] and prepared for it, I suppose, emotionally,” he said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.


Will ‘NCIS’ Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo Return?

Season 18 of “NCIS” saw a number of heartbreaking losses. Fans of the show, on the other hand, are waiting to hear about the possible return of a fan favorite. On July 28, Michael Weatherly, who plays Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo, shared a possible throwback photo from his time on “NCIS.” The actor captioned the image, “#ncis Camera is King.”

Whatever that entails. Weatherly appeared to have left the set of “NCIS” for good after the 13th season finale. Ziva David, Dinozzo’s former love interest, was revealed to be alive in the final plotline. He also discovers that they are parents to a child. Fans were devastated when Weatherly was no longer cast as Agent Gibbs’ number two.

While official confirmation has yet to arrive, Dinozzo supporters are hoping for more hints. For the time being, fans of the show, including myself, must patiently wait. We can’t wait to see the hilarious, sarcastic, and very Special Agent Tony Dinozzo make his long-awaited return to “NCIS.”

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