The Real Motive Why Tom Selleck Joined on Blue Bloods Cast


While it may appear that every actor in Hollywood chooses projects solely based on their scripts, this is not the case for Tom Selleck. In fact, luring Selleck back to network television after his eight-season run on Magnum, P.I. wasn’t just about giving him a character he couldn’t resist.

The Blue Bloods star also needed assurances that his family life would not suffer as a result of his new TV role as the Reagan family patriarch.

Selleck revealed in a 2010 interview with Collider that he was hesitant to join Blue Bloods at first because the show was filmed in New York City, which was far from his beloved Ventura, California ranch, which he shares with his wife of 33 years, Jillie Mack.

However, knowing that the CBS family drama would be an ensemble show made his decision to play Frank Reagan much easier.

“It was an ensemble that was clearly going to require talented actors,” he explained to Collider. “Having done a lead, as I did in Magnum, I know it’s a difficult road.” The Magnum series was never canceled.

I left after eight years because I was tired of it, not because I was tired of it. It was always a possibility, but this seemed to fit perfectly. The script was fantastic. The fact that it would be shot in New York caused some family debate, but it was too good to pass up.”

Finally, the fact that he would only need to be in New York City about half the time made the chance to join Blue Bloods too good to pass up.

The large cast of Blue Bloods allowed Tom Selleck to balance acting with his desire to spend time with his family.

Blue Bloods has now been on the air for ten seasons, and Selleck credits the CBS drama with allowing him to continue acting without jeopardizing the private life he’s built for himself on his ranch. He told People in April 2020 that his relationships and ranch “keep me sane.” And because he isn’t required to appear in every scene of Blue Bloods, he can strike the perfect balance between work and family.


“I’m a fairly private person,” Selleck said in an interview with People. “And I’ve always valued the balance of work and family time.” Everything revolves around them.”

Living on the ranch with Mack and spending time with his children, Hannah, 31, and Kevin, 54, his adopted son from his first marriage to Jacqueline Ray, is extremely important to him. Not only does family time keep Selleck grounded, but it is also something he treasures, which is why he considers himself fortunate to have found a show that allows him to work without jeopardizing the happy life he has created for himself outside of the chaotic world of Hollywood.

It appears that as long as Blue Bloods allows Selleck to strike the right balance between work and family, he’ll be content to continue playing Frank on the successful CBS cop drama.

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