The Real Locations Where ‘Blue Bloods’ Actually Filmed


It goes without saying that “Blue Bloods” is set in New York and follows a multigenerational family of law enforcement officers who have contributed to the city’s safety for decades.

However, some people may be unaware that the police procedural starring Tom Selleck is actually shot in New York.

The show is largely shot on location in New York City to provide fans with an authentic experience. The East Village, Staten Island, Queens, and the city’s neighboring suburbs have all made appearances on the show.

Fans can even catch a glimpse of the exterior of the Reagan house seen before the memorable dinner scenes if they happen to be in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge area.

The sitcom also calls New York home for scenes shot in a studio, such as inside the police station or around the Reagan family dining table.

A Paramount+ post on X confirmed that the show’s soundstages and headquarters are in Brooklyn. The filming locales are an obviously important element of the series, especially given how the “Blue Bloods” cast feels about shooting in New York.

Blue Bloods actors adore New York.

It’s evident that the cast members each have their own reasons for believing that filming in New York is an important part of the “Blue Bloods” experience.

The site, according to Tom Selleck, is more than just the area that includes Reagan’s residence and jurisdiction. “New York City, I think, is a central character in the show,” Selleck told Sky in an interview.

“That we shoot it on the streets of New York is really important.” However, in addition to being a significant part of the narrative as more than just a point on a map, New York City has been an attractive job location for individuals.


Will Estes, who plays Jamie Reagan, has previously stated that working in New York is one of the most pleasurable aspects of his profession.

“The most enjoyable aspect of filming in New York City is the city itself.” It’s one of the most vibrant places on the planet.

“It’s so much fun to get out on the streets and shoot and meet people,” Estes said in a YouTube video posted to the “Blue Bloods” channel. “It’s pretty much nonstop excitement.”

Bridget Moynahan, who plays Erin Reagan, also emphasized the advantages of working in New York rather than Hollywood.

“It gives all of us here the freedom to have a life with our families,” Moynahan explained to Glamour. “Thanks to this show, I’ve been able to raise my son in New York City.” That’s a victory.”

According to all accounts, filming “Blue Bloods” in New York not only provided a fantastic work environment, but also contributed to an authentic experience that kept viewers returning for more.

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