The NCIS Cast for ‘Starting Over’ Reintroduces Previous Characters

The NCIS cast for the new episode Starting Over will include two characters from the past.

NCIS Season 19, Episode 17 appears to be a good one, serving as the start of a crossover event. It will be followed by a new episode of NCIS: Hawai’i that will tie everything together.

In addition to Vanessa Lachey (who plays NCIS Hawai’i Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant), there will be a number of other familiar faces on Monday night.

As a reminder, the NCIS episode titled Starting Over premieres on CBS on Monday, March 28 at 9/8c. If you miss it live, the episode will be available to watch on Paramount+.

A look at the cast of NCIS: Starting Over.

Laura San Giacomo will reprise her role as Dr. Grace Confalone in NCIS Season 19, Episode 17.

We saw her a lot more when Mark Harmon (Gibbs) was on the show, but she’ll be back for a big reason on Monday night.

Grace appears in the clip from a previous episode, which is embedded below.

The new episode will also see the return of fan favorite Tobias Fornell (played by Joe Spano).

He’s another character we haven’t seen in a while, but he always brings either tense drama or humor to episodes where he appears.

A new sneak peek for the crossover episode starring Fornell is available below.

Take a look at it if you’re an NCIS fan who wants to see how he fits into this storyline.

Novi Brown as Olive Miller, Tess Aubert as Piper, Jack McGee as Richard “Rick” Jordan, Brandon Black as Martin Polk, and David Bianchi as Kyle Jennings are among the additional NCIS guest stars for Starting Over.

More from the NCIS universe

There was a fun NCIS reunion on the set of Bull for any fans who haven’t heard the news yet.

The show is in its final season, and Michael Weatherly is the actor who used to play Anthony DiNozzo on the NCIS cast. He was recently joined on Bull by another former NCIS cast member.

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