The Most Shocking Moments from Blue Bloods


In a gripping season 10 finale of the popular police drama “Blue Bloods,” viewers were left stunned by a series of shocking revelations and controversial moments.

The story took an unexpected turn when a strange woman named Paula approached Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, with an unusual request. She applied for a department transfer for her son, disclosing a long-held family secret in the process. It was revealed that Paula was sexually connected with Frank’s late son, Joe, while attending the police academy. Unbeknownst to Joe, Paula became pregnant with his kid, whom she named Joe Jr. The emotional reunion revealed Joe’s undiscovered son and introduced him to the Reagan family.

Meanwhile, another revelation surfaced as Sean, Frank’s grandson from Danny, delved into the family’s ancestry for a school project. He stumbled upon the possibility of an unknown male first cousin, leading to further familial revelations.

Despite the familial discoveries, the show also addressed delicate societal concerns. A subplot tackled homophobia within the police force, with detectives Danny and Maria stepping in when a gay detective faced harassment from his colleague. Frank Reagan’s public declaration on the church’s outmoded beliefs on homosexuality added complexity.

While the episode aimed to address pertinent social issues, it faced criticism for its execution. Some viewers found the portrayal of societal issues and familial revelations as overly contrived or lacking in nuance.

“Blue Bloods” has routinely produced intriguing plots and character development, but the season 10 finale left viewers anxious for the next installment in the Reagan family tale.

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