The cast of NCIS will reunite for an upcoming episode of Bull

A fun NCIS reunion took place recently in preparation for an upcoming Bull episode.

This season, CBS canceled Bull, primarily because star Michael Weatherly decided it was time to leave the show and pursue other opportunities.

Weatherly’s announcement sparked speculation that he would return to NCIS to reprise his role as Tony DiNozzo. Weatherly’s sharing of a video of DiNozzo taking down Gibbs fueled those rumors.

With the Bull team working on the show’s final episodes, Weatherly was able to collaborate with someone else who has a strong connection to NCIS, resulting in a fun on-set reunion.

On the set of Bull, there’s an NCIS reunion.

“We’ve reunited, and it feels great. “#michaelweatherly @bullcbs,” Sasha Alexander simply captioned a photo of herself on the set of Bull with Michael Weatherly.

D1e-hard Sasha Alexander is well-known to NCIS fans, as she was a key member of the cast for the first two seasons. Alexander portrayed Caitlin “Kate” Todd until her character was tragically k1ll3d off in Season 2.

Kate Todd’s d3ath is still one of the most sh0cking exits in recent television history, and it’s a heartbreaking moment for many NCIS fans to relive. However, Alexander shared a lot of screen time with Weatherly during her time on the show.

Alexander was on the set of Bull because she is the show’s director for Season 6, Episode 20. It’s likely to be a pivotal episode as the show comes to a close this spring.

More from the NCIS universe

As there are now two Callens on NCIS: LA, there is a lot of drama going on on one of the NCIS spin-offs. A major plot twist within the context of the show foreshadows a lot of drama as Season 13 concludes.

NCIS: LA will also have a big day coming up, as two new episodes will premiere on the same night to wrap up the March TV schedule. It’s a nice treat for the show’s fans to enjoy.

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