The Cancellation of ‘NCIS L.A’ Opens Up Space For A ‘DiNozzo & Ziva’ Spinoff


With the cancellation of NCIS: Los Angeles, CBS has a wonderful opportunity to bring back fan favorites Tony and Ziva from NCIS in their own spinoff.

NCIS’s persistent success demonstrates the quality of its ensemble, and revisiting these cherished characters might revive the program. The cancelation of NCIS: Los Angeles provides an excellent opportunity for a new incarnation, with Tony and Ziva perfectly positioned to lead the effort.

The Cancellation of NCIS: Los Angeles Makes Way for a Spinoff

CBS has announced that Season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles will be its final season, despite its strong viewership. Speculation suggests budget cuts may be behind the cancellation. However, the network might be planning a new NCIS spinoff.

Given the franchise’s popularity, launching another spinoff seems logical. Instead of location-based spinoffs, it’s time for a character-driven approach. A Tony and Ziva spinoff, capitalizing on the enduring popularity of their relationship, could be the way forward.

Tony and Ziva Could Appear in the Latest NCIS Spinoff

Fans are excited about Tony and Ziva’s impending comeback to the NCIS family. With Cote de Pablo resuming her role in Season 17 and Michael Weatherly hinting at Tony’s comeback, the potential of a spinoff starring the iconic combo seems intriguing.

Whether the story takes place in France or abroad, Tony and Ziva’s relationship promises to be compelling.

Weatherly’s openness to new options fuels fans’ expectations for a comeback. A spinoff focusing on Tony and Ziva would not only satisfy viewers’ desires, but it would also bring intriguing new stories, particularly if they explored parenthood.

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