The Best Partner for Danny Reagan in Blue Bloods is Jackie, not Baez

It’s easy to argue that “Blue Bloods” favorite son Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) has had an enviable professional career. He’s been in the army his entire life, with the exception of a brief stint in the Iraq war. He’s gotten a lot of promotions and is one of the most trusted cops on the beat.

Sure, he leads the force in complaints, but he also leads his unit in collars, so he’s efficient. If you want to be a successful cop, you have to break some eggs, which in Danny’s case meant losing his home and putting his family in danger. And, indeed, his personal life is still a mess, complete with PTSD, a deceased spouse, and two sons he’s raising on his own.

Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez), Danny’s longtime friend and his partner on the force since 2013, is currently assisting him in keeping his professional life more competently ordered. Many fans adore their relationships and believe they should have children together. But, believe it or not, Baez isn’t Danny’s only professional partner — and, for many, she isn’t even the partner with whom they’d most like to work.

Aside from Maria, Danny’s longest-serving cop pal is Jackie Curatola (Jennifer Esposito), who has been with him from Season 1 to Season 3.Their complementary personalities, as well as her ability to call him out in his lowest moments, make them an intriguing couple. When it comes to deciding which of Danny’s several beat partners is the best, “Blue Bloods” fans aren’t afraid to be passionate. In fact, fans on the “Blue Bloods” subreddit believe Jackie is Danny’s perfect match.

Jackie and Danny complement each other better on the field.

While Maria Baez and Danny Reagan have opposing personalities, with her personal approach clashing with his more serious, by-the-book approach, Jackie Curatola and Danny’s partnership was more no-nonsense due to their similarities. Jackie rarely calls Danny out, implying that they are frequently focused on a single, similar goal. Maria tests Danny, forcing him to correct himself on occasion.

More often than not, this results in a partnership in which they butt heads and actually argue about what’s right and wrong in a case, which Jackie and Danny almost never do because the twosome share a sly sense of humour and an ethical working style.

Outside of work, Jackie is a much more lonely figure — divorced and without the Reagans’ strong support unit, which means she needs his help even more. They never get as close as Maria and Danny, who prefer to use their friendship to form a strong unit against the outside world (and their phalanx of terrifying enemies).

In fact, perhaps because of his close relationship with his wife Linda (Amy Carlson), Danny didn’t often mix business and pleasure with Jackie, and she wasn’t a regular guest at the famous Reagan family dinners. Maria has been to at least a few during her time on the force.

Fans miss Jackie as well.

On the other hand, just because Jackie and Danny share a lot of characteristics doesn’t mean they didn’t have chemistry as partners. Because of this, fans on the “Blue Bloods” subreddit appreciated Jackie’s presence on the show when she was on it. “I was bummed when she left,” u/Responsible_Candle86 said in a post about Danny’s numerous partners. “As a partner, Jackie [complemented] Danny.

They have very similar personalities, so they flow pretty well,” said u/StevenArviv. In fact, several fans who commented on that post were surprised that Jackie was not mentioned in the show’s opening credits.

Then there are those who wholeheartedly support the two of them as a romantic couple. “I was always shipping Danny and Jackie. “They had such good chemistry together,” said u/AllysCrossing in a post comparing Maria’s and Jackie’s virtues.

While Jennifer Esposito has since moved on to other roles and Maria is unquestionably Danny’s favorite friend at the moment, Jackie’s possible return was left open. After all, she did leave the force because she was experiencing stress as a result of the high-pressure nature of their jobs. Perhaps Jackie and Danny will cross paths someday, even if they are on opposing sides of the badge.

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