Spoilers for Blue Bloods season 12 episode 14: How Joe Hill Will Be Reappearance, again..?

Moving into Blue Bloods season 12, our main hope was to see Will Hochman return for a couple of episodes as Joe Hill. Fortunately, we’re getting more than that!

According to a new report from TVLine, Hochman will return for the show’s upcoming February 25 episode titled “Allegiance.” This is his third appearance this season, and we’ll get to see a very different side of him. To be more specific, we’ll delve deeper into his romantic life.

Joe’s story this time revolves around him teaming up with Erin and Anthony after overhearing his date tampering with a witness. This could be a fascinating story for Joe, as well as a difficult one. What if he genuinely enjoyed this date? Then he finds himself in a position where he must choose between a potential romantic future and doing what is right by the letter of the law.

There’s also something significant about Joe Hill dating, at least in the sense that it gives the show a youthful energy that it doesn’t get in a lot of other places. Danny Reagan hasn’t fully recovered from the d3ath of his wife, Linda. Meanwhile, we still believe Erin and Jack have a future together, and Jamie and Eddie are already in a relationship. There isn’t much room for romantic subplots with our main characters, though we’ve made it clear over the years that we’d like to see Frank in a relationship.

So, could there be more Joe episodes after this one? We’ll have to wait and see, but it’s clear that the writers are having fun with him.

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